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VitaCell - All-Natural Flavonoid Formula Resets Your Immune System

“My Mind Is More Clear And My Body Moves Easier, And Doesn’t Hurt Like It Did.”

AJ, Verified VitaCell+ Customer

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Our Modern Environments Are Killing Us Slowly

We weren’t made for these times. Between the chlorine in our water, the carbon pollution in the air, and the shocking amount of chemicals and toxins in our food supply, our immune systems can go haywire, and our bodies can become chronically inflamed. Internally, these chemicals look like an invading army, and they put the immune system on overdrive, leaving us feeling “a little bit sick, all the time.” In the real world, that might mean…

  • Low Energy and Brain Fog
  • Stiff, Sore Joints
  • A Tight Lower Back or Neck
  • Unexplainable Mood Swings

Tired Woman

 These are all symptoms of an overactive inflammatory response, and if they go on for months or years, the outcome can be deadly. Most of our country’s most deadly diseases – from Alzheimer’s to Diabetes, to Heart Disease – are either caused or made worse, by chronic inflammation.

VitaCell+: Daily Defense Against Environmental Stress 

Dr. Sivieri Visit

 Dr. Mark Sivieri is one of America’s leading doctors for patients with fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and chronic fatigue, and after twenty years of seeing what really helps his patients, he sat down to formulate VitaCell+.

VitaCell+ promotes a healthy, balanced inflammatory response. That means fewer “fires” in the body, the joints, and the brain. It means that the energy that was being used by an overactive immune system is recovered and restored. It means that brain fog becomes a thing of the past. And it means easy, supple joint movement.

Just as importantly, it means that the body goes back to working the way it’s supposed to. In the days, the weeks and the years ahead, VitaCell+ is your daily defense against the stresses of the environment.

Now a daily habit for tens of thousands of Americans, VitaCell+ delivers energy, clarity, and mobility that you can feel… or your money back.

The Powerhouse Flavonoids That Give VitaCell+ Its Kick

 Flavonoids are the miraculous healing compounds found in nature’s most vital plant foods, including deep red cherries, bright golden turmeric, lush purple grapes, soothing green tea, and rich raw cocoa1. Originally discovered in 1936, we now know that flavonoids exist to protect their host plants from environmental stresses.

 And thousands of robust scientific studies2 have proven - beyond a shadow of a doubt - that flavonoids are the most powerful feel-good, mood-enhancing, energy-boosting compounds created by nature. After years of tests and experimentation, Dr. Sivieri found the seven same flavonoids kept on delivering results that his patients could feel… sometimes in three months, but often, in just a few short days. 

LongVida® Optimized Curcumin

Curcumin has become the hottest game in town, and with good reason. It’s been proven to support a healthy inflammatory response that you can feel, and provides long-term protection against free radicals, high triglyceride levels, and beta-amyloids in the brain. There’s only one problem: common curcumin is broken down in the stomach before it can even reach the bloodstream.

That’s why Dr. Sivieri chose to include LongVida Optimized Curcumin, which wraps each precious particle in a little layer of fat. It passes easily through the stomach, out into the bloodstream, and into your cells where it can deliver its magic. It’s been the subject of over 17 published studies, including a recent clinical trial at the University of Colorado, where they determined that Longvida Optimized Curcumin is 36% more effective at maintaining a healthy immune response than a placebo[1].


CherryPure® Tart Cherry Extract

Tart Cherry Extract is the newest “star on the scene.” It contains a specific flavonoid that’s not found in any other food source. And it's this flavonoid which researchers now believe to be responsible for many of the positive effects of Tart Cherry extract, including decreased abdominal fat[2], better sleep quality[3], improved cardiovascular health[4], and supremely enhanced mobility[5].

And the CherryPure variety is simply the most powerful, pure source of tart cherry extract in existence.

In a double-blind study of half-marathon runners, researchers concluded that “inflammatory markers were 47% lower in [The CherryPure Test Group] than in the [Placebo group].”[6] Another double-blind study on powerlifting athletes found that CherryPure “significantly attenuated” muscle soreness up to 48 hours after a heavy lifting session. And not just that, but these athletes had greater post-lift strength, and decreased muscle breakdown[7]. If the flavonoids in CherryPure can deliver these kinds of benefits to high-performance athletes, just think of what they can do for you.

Cocoa Extract

Out of the top 1,000 flavonoid-rich foods – cocoa contains the highest amount of flavonoids per milligram.[8]  The specific flavonoids found in cocoa, which are different than those found in curcumin, work by limiting production of the most dangerous cytokines in your body – Interleukin 1-Beta.[9]

The research on cocoa is definitive, for both immediate feelings, and long-term benefits. This natural powerhouse has been proven to sustain and boost brainpower along with reducing destructive inflammatory markers.

Boswellia Serrata

Boswellia Tree extract has been a staple of Indian Ayuverdic medicine for thousands of years. They've used it to improve mobility, energy and flexibility, and also to also maintain healthy bowel function.[10] But in the west? It wasn’t until very recently that we came to understand just how powerful this ancient tree resin extract really is.

Boswellia has been proven to protect the neurons in your brain as you age, to reduce unnatural anxiety, and to promote feelings of calmness and wellbeing.[11] It is also the most powerful inhibitor of a pro-inflammatory compound known as 5-LOX… which helps explain how boswellia increases pain tolerance and pain threshold.[12] It’s one of the most versatile flavonoids on earth, and it’s no wonder that our friends in the east have been using it for thousands of years.


This powerhouse flavonoid has been popular for years, and with good reason. You see, in addition to regulating proper immune function, Resveratrol has also been proven to decrease the harmful effects of a high-calorie, high-fat diet, while maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.[13] Amazingly, it has also been shown to prevent against “neuroinflammation” – inflammation of the brain – and to help suppress the formation of dangerous amyloid-beta cells.[14]


Added to increase the bioavailability of resveratrol, this potent duo has been shown to lead to a significant decrease in fat deposits. And on its own, quercetin has been shown to support optimal immune function, protect brain cells from the impact of inflammation and stress, increase serotonin levels to boost mood, and reduce inflammatory markers including C-reactive protein and Interleukin-6.  That’s why Dr. Sivieri considered it a perfect addition to the VitaCell+ formula. 

Green Tea Extract EGCG

Green Tea Extract is  the very best source of a little miracle molecule... a special type of flavonoid called "catechins." Study after study have revealed the wide-ranging benefits of catechins, from detoxification, to targeted immune response management, to the release of profound natural energy stores. And just as exciting, multiple studies have shown that the active ingredient in green tea - EGCG – is one of the most powerful natural fat burners on the planet.[15] Since fat deposits are like little inflammatory factories, Dr. Sivieri knew he had to include EGCG to help patients deal with this problem.

365-Day Guarantee

Each bottle of VitaCell+ is meticulously crafted to Dr. Sivieri’s rigorous standards, and all supplies undergo a thorough third-party inspection before they ship out. VitaCell+ is free of dairy, soy, tree nuts, and GMOs, and every ingredient is certified organic. Simply put, it’s a superpremium supplement, and if you’re like most customers, you’ll feel it within weeks or sooner.

That’s why every purchase of VitaCell+ is guaranteed for a full year. Not for thirty days, or even sixty days. Simply give VitaCell+ a try, and if you decide that it’s not right for you, just contact us for a quick, no-hassle refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does VitaCell+ have any interactions or side-effects?

The seven flavonoids in VitaCell+ are all extracted from Non-GMO, organic plants… they’re the “good stuff” that everyone can benefit from. All seven have been rigorously studied, and none have been shown to have any side effects or interaction risks.

And beyond the clinical studies, we’re proud to say that we’ve now sold over 100,000 bottles of VitaCell+, to happy customers across America. Not a single one has reported having experienced any adverse effects. Of course, as with all supplements, you should check with your doctor (and don’t be surprised if he or she is impressed!)

How Does VitaCell+ Actually Work?

If you’re suffering from low energy, brain fog, or aches and pains that won’t go away, there’s a very good chance that you’re also suffering from out-of-control inflammation. There are millions of little inflammatory wars going on in your organs, your joints, and your brain, and it’s making you feel awful. And while it’s tough to avoid the microtoxins and chemicals that start these wars, VitaCell+ can help prevent them from spreading. Its seven flavonoids shut down your body’s overactive, inflammatory response. That helps restore your natural energy levels, your mental clarity and mood, and the flexibility of youth.

Can You Explain How The Flavonoids Work?

When your body is exposed to stuff that it doesn’t recognize, it mounts an attack, with a protein called a cytokine. Think of cytokines as the policemen, who rush to the scene when there’s an attack. You want them there when the “bad guys” are really bad guys (like viruses and bacteria), but you don’t want to live in an oppressive police state, where they go after anyone that looks slightly suspicious. Yet that’s exactly what it’s like when your body’s inflammatory response is overactive. The flavonoids in VitaCell+ force an early retirement on the hyper, aggressive members of the cytokine police… and those who remain are able to do their job effectively.

How Do I Know If I Have An Overactive Inflammatory Response?

You can start by asking your Doctor to test your C-Reactive Protein and Sedimentation Rate. These are the two best tests that exist. But Dr. Sivieri has found that even when the tests come back “clean,” it doesn’t mean that a patient is out of the woods. In fact, many of Dr. Sivieri’s toughest cases manage to pass these tests with flying colors. That’s why we suggest that anyone who could be struggling with these issues give VitaCell+ a try, to see how it works for them.

How Long Will It Take To Work?

Some customers report feeling better in three or four days, others in three or four weeks. Our customers who report the best results have typically been taking it for three months. That gives VitaCell+ the time it needs to bring the inflammatory response back into balance, across the whole body, and for things to “cool down.” That’s why we offer 3-month and 6-month supplies, which are both backed up by our 365-Day guarantee – we want customers to have the chance to make VitaCell+ a daily habit, and see just how much better they feel.

What If I Don’t Feel Any Different?

We’d be surprised, but it does happen for about 6% of our customers! That’s ok though – Dr. Sivieri knows that health isn’t “one size fits all.” No matter which VitaCell+ package you purchase, you’re protected by our 365-Day guarantee. All you have to do is send us an email, or call us to ask for a refund, and we’ll process it quickly, professionally, and without a hassle.

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Cathryn H.
United States United States
Vitalifi is great!

Vitalifi is a welcome sneaker. My energy level, flexibility and mind are all so much better. The change comes on gradually so I only noticed it when I ran out of Vitalifi and stopped taking it. Give it 3 months and it will be a staple!

Vitalifi VitaCell+ Review
Marilyn H.
United States United States
Vit D 3

My husband of 32 years passed last Nov and the last 2 mos I have felt depressed and drowsy and down right lonely from Covid 19. With God in my life I will make it through this. I have felt less anxious since taking it. When I purchased it before I did notice less depression and anxiety and increased energy.

Vitalifi VitaCell+ Review
Eric S.
United States United States

I recognized I had less body pain after about 30 days on the product

Debora R.
United States United States
Good stuff

I have seen vast improvements since starting this product. I actually stopped it for a few weeks and could see the difference.

Shobha D.
United States United States
Excellent supplement, I take it daily.

After taking this daily for several weeks, I noticed my joint pain was much better! I feel great and now can walk without discomfort. Ordering more as I sure don’t want to run out!

Frances M.
United States United States
I keep buying it and taking it. That about says it all!

I take it every day.

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