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Groundbreaking Probiotic Plus Enzyme Blend Brings Better Digestion Without Side Effects

FloraVie contains seven proven dairy-free strains of beneficial bacteria, to your GI tract, plus a trademarked blend of digestive enzymes to unlock their probiotic power. It’s your first line of defense against the toxic bacteria trying to take over your gut. And it’s what your digestive system needs to function perfectly every day.  

Say Hello To Perfect Digestion

FloraVie Eases Gas, Bloating, And Irregularity For Full Digestive Relief  

Just 1 tiny capsule of FloraVie supplies 30 billion CFU (colony forming units) of proven probiotics balance to improve digestion, GI comfort, and regularity  

Say Goodbye To Excess Weight!

FloraVie Brings Effortless Weight Management Without Unhealthy Compromises 

An unbalanced gut – where bad bacteria outweigh good – makes it impossible to lose weight. FloraVie supplies plenty of probiotics to rebalance your gut so you can stop packing on unwanted pounds.  




2nd Generation Probiotics 

This clinical-grade blend of scientifically proven probiotics and trademarked digestive enzymes delivers exactly what you need for optimal gut health. You’ll feel the power of a healthy digestive system every day, in every part of your body, as the probiotics in FloraVie work to rebalance your gut – where good health starts. FloraVie may be the most advanced probiotic ever created… and the benefits are clear:  

  • Healthy, regular digestion 
  • Effortless weight control 
  • Glowing, radiant complexion 
  • Upbeat, elevated mood 
  • Clear, sharp thinking 

 Take just 1 tiny capsule of FloraVie with your first meal every day for dramatically improved gut health. 

 First Generation Probiotics Do More Harm Than Good 

If you’ve been taking a probiotic every day, desperately trying to improve your gut health with no luck, there’s a reason it hasn’t been working…  

Your probiotic could be making you sick! 

Virtually every first-generation probiotic on the market today – whether you buy it online or from a health food store – contains at least one of these four fatal flaws: 

Fatal Flaw 1: Histamine-Producing 

Nearly all first-generation probiotics include strains of bacteria that promote histamine, an immune system chemical that alerts your body when it senses intruders and calls for an inflammatory immune response. Too much histamine in your system can lead to an overblown histamine response that makes you feel tired, stuffy, moody, and foggy.  

Most probiotics currently on the market can trigger that same histamine response because they include pro-histamine strains (like L. acidophilus, L. casei, and S. thermophilus). So if you’ve been feeling fatigued, itchy, foggy, or achy and you couldn’t figure out why, the real culprit could be in your histamine-producing probiotic supplement. 

Fatal Flaw 2: Dairy-Based  

Many first-generation probiotics are created with dairy cultures. And for the 65% of adults [1] – millions of Americans – who are lactose-intolerant, those probiotic brands can create real immune system responseSo if you’ve been taking probiotics to calm digestive issues and they’re just not helping… or even making you feel worse… dairy-based bacteria could be to blame. If the label doesn’t say that your supplement is dairy-free… watch out! 

Fatal Flaw 3: Low Counts 

Your gut houses 24 trillion bacteria – some good (probiotics) and some bad – and they all compete for the same resources. All it takes is a little too much sugar or a few too many French fries to fuel bad bacteria populations – and they use that edge to try and take overWithout enough of the good guys to keep bad bacteria in check, the bad guys will win… and you’ll feel awful. That’s why you need to replenish probiotics every day – so they can conquer the bad guys and keep them from flourishing.  

But it takes a huge army of beneficial bacteria to get and maintain control. So if you’re taking one of the many first-generation probiotics with fewer than 30 billion CFUs (colony forming units), you’re just not getting enough good bacteria.  

Fatal Flaw 4: No Digestive Support  

Many people think that probiotics break down food… that’s simply not true. Rather, a combination of acid from your bile duct and enzymes produced by your pancreas breaks down food in your stomach. The problem is that as we get older, our bodies don’t produce enough digestive enzymes, making it easy for undigested food particles to enter the small intestineThose food particles rot and ferment, feeding bad bacteria and causing inflammation, gas, bloating, and even “leaky gut.” First-generation probiotics offer no support at all for this crucial digestive process… meaning they won’t bring the relief you were hoping for when you bought them. 

 That’s why Dr. Sisskind knew he had to come up with a true whole-gut, whole-body solution. After 15 years of real-world clinical study… after using the most advanced forms of testing for gut bacteria… Dr. Sisskind figured out exactly how those first-generation probiotics fell short. He developed a transformative breakthrough in gut health… one that offers complete gut support. Because probiotics can’t do the work they were meant to do unless one very important issue is tackled first. 

Incomplete Digestion Dooms Probiotic Potential 

Total gut health starts in your stomach, where the heavy lifting of digestion takes place. But if your stomach doesn’t have enough of the right enzymes to digest everything you eat completely, it doesn't matter how many probiotics you take…  

You’ll still get gassy and bloated, because that undigested food made it’s way to your small intestine and got stuck there, left to rot and ferment… feeding bad bacteria. That leads to SIBO – small intestine bacterial overgrowth – and some truly awful effects: 

  • Noxious gas building up that creates bloating and foul-smelling emissions 
  • Allergic reactions from excess mucous production to sneezing to itches 
  • Runaway inflammation that brings whole-body consequences including joint pain, brain fog, and unexplained weight gain 

First-generation probiotics can’t help here.  

But Dr. Sisskind’s 2nd generation probiotic supplement FloraVie can. 

Enter: FloraVie

FloraVie contains 7 dairy-free, histamine-free, scientifically validated probiotic strains, with an effective 30 billion CFUs in every capsule. It also includes a trademarked blend of highly potent digestive enzymes that gives your stomach everything it needs to digest whatever you eat – from rich holiday meals to that midnight snack. 

The FloraVie formula – painstakingly created by Dr. Sisskind based on decades of research and experience – helps restore perfect digestion and bring your gut bacteria into beneficial balance. And a healthy gut brings dozens of whole-body feel-good benefits… exactly what you need to feel vibrant, energetic, and comfortable every day.  

DigestSEB Enzymes Unlock The Power Of Probiotics 

It takes a high-potency blend of enzymes to fully digest your food… 

That’s why Dr. Sisskind insisted on including a special mix of powerfully effective enzymes in FloraVie. 

No matter what you eat, DigestSEB enzymes can break it down: protein… fats…carbs… even dairy! Complete digestion means your body will have full access to essential nutrients… undigested food particles won’t fester in your small intestine… and gas, bloating, and discomfort won’t plague you. 

Plus, the high-potency digestive enzyme blend in FloraVie unlocks the full power of the formula’s seven clinically-studied probiotic strains for complete gut support. 

The Proven Power Of Probiotics 

Probiotics have become the “miracle supplement” of our time – and for good reason. New research into all the ways beneficial bacteria help us are being published virtually every day – because good health starts in your gut, home to trillions of bacteria, good and badTo keep the good bacteria in control – and keep the bad bacteria from turning your gut into a warzone of inflammation – you need to send in probiotic reinforcements every day. And when you send in the right probiotics, dairy-free strains that don’t produce histamines, backed by the support of digestive enzymes, your gut health will be transformed. 

A healthy gut teeming with probiotics conquers problems as wide-ranging as gas and bloating low energy and cloudy thinking… and stubborn extra weight that refuses to budge. But old-style first-generation probiotics may do more harm than good – that’s why Dr. Sisskind created FloraVie, the 2nd generation formula that contains 30 billion CFUs of the 7 scientifically-confirmed probiotic strains plus DigestSEB high-potency enzymes… so you feel healthy, comfortable, and vital every day.  

 The Seven Dairy-Free, Histamine-Free Probiotics of FloraVie   

1. rhamnosusThis gold-star strain of bacteria has been the subject of breakthrough scientific studies. It’s been shown to help prevent antibiotic-associated diarrhea… balance blood sugar, even during pregnancy… and reduce oxidative stress and inflammation.  

2. B. longum: This beneficial bacteria offers support throughout the body, from your immune system to you gut to your brain. Clinical studies show that B. longum helps boost healthy immune function, improve vexing gut issues, reduce stress, and improve memory.

3. Bifidobacterium bifidumB. bifidum can have a significant impact on digestive health and quality of life. In one double-blind placebo-controlled trial, B. bifidum helped ease bloating, discomfort, and urgency in just four weeks. Part of that success comes from this probiotic’s ability to calm inflammation and support healthy immune system function. 

4. L. plantarumThis proven probiotic strain brings a wealth of benefits that start in your gut. Clinical trials show that L. plantarum has a positive effect on annoying GI issues like bathroom frequency, abdominal discomfort, and bloating. In fact, participants in one trial reported that L. plantarum improved those effects by 78.1% in just 4 weeks!  

5. L. salivarius: This unique probiotic has been shown to take down bad bacteria to improve skin comfort and dental health. 

6. Bifidobacterium lactis: B. lactis has been shown to reduce accumulation of abdominal fat and improve healthy blood sugar management, prevent unwanted weight gain, and reduce belching and bloating after meals.  

7. B. breve: B. breve is your best friend when it comes to weight control. One clinical trial revealed that this probiotic “significantly lowered fat mass” (along with improving inflammation markers and liver health). Another showed that B. breve helped reduce body fat mass and body fat percentage, along with improving healthy HDL cholesterol levels. 


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