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SCS OmegaVive

SCS OmegaVive

SCS OmegaVive
SCS OmegaVive
SCS OmegaVive
SCS OmegaVive
SCS OmegaVive
SCS OmegaVive
SCS OmegaVive
SCS OmegaVive

Pristine Omega Fatty Acids Repair Years Of Damage Caused By Inflammation To Promote Whole Body Healing

VitaOmega+ contains the freshest, cleanest fish oil on earth, rich with the fatty acids you need to keep your heart pumping and your brain sharp. It’s your best defense against blood vessel buildup brought on from a lifetime of inflammatory waste. And it’s exactly what your body to keep your blood flowing smoothly for peak cardiovascular health. 

24/7 Protection For Vital Blood Vessels 

VitaOmega+ Keeps Your Arteries Clear And Your Blood Flowing Smoothly

Just 1 VitaOmega+ softgel every day restores a balanced inflammation response to lower your risk of heart disease.   

Supercharge Your Brainpower And Your Mood

VitaOmega+ Boosts IQ, Memory, And Joy While Slowing Age-Related Mental Slowdown 

Your brain cells rely on pristine fatty acids for perfect performance. Count on VitaOmega+ to calm neuroinflammation, banishing brain fog and those frustrating “where are my keys?” moments.  




Pristine Mix of Omega Fatty Acids 

This certified-pure blend of clinically-proven fatty acids supplies exactly what your body needs to regulate inflammation to keep your arteries clear, your blood flowing smoothly, and your brain as sharp as a tack. VitaOmega+ delivers pristine omega fatty acids    to repair and maintain every cell in your body for… 

  • Clear, unobstructed blood vessels 
  • Sharp thinking and lightning-fast recall 
  • Peak immune function 
  • Balanced inflammatory response 

Take just 1 VitaOmegasoftgel every day to extinguish inflammation for comfort, clarity, and peak cardiovascular health. 

Extinguishing Inflammation Takes Perfect Balance

Your body is suffering from a critical omega imbalance that promotes inflammation… robbing you of energy, comfort, and peak health. But bring those omegas – crucial fatty acids – back into balance, and every cell in your body will benefit.  

If you’re like most people, you consume a 20:1 ratio of omega-6 fatty acids to omega-3 fatty acids. The ideal balance of those essential fatty acids is 1:1, so you can see how far out of balance your ratio has likely fallen. And that imbalance is a lot more dangerous than it sounds… 

Omega-6 fatty acids are pro-inflammatory – which is good up to a point. You need inflammation to come to the rescue when there’s a true threat, like a wound or a pathogen that needs to be addressed. But when there are too many pro-inflammatory compounds around, they trigger the runaway chronic inflammation that’s dangerous to your overall health. 

Omega-3s and omega-6s get broken down the same way, through the same pathways, by the same enzymes. And when your body is overwhelmed by omega-6s, your enzymes can’t keep pace, and any excess omega-6s transform into destructive arachidonic acid (AA) that leads to systemic inflammation… especially damaging to your blood vessels. 

The fastest way to solve that problem and extinguish the inflammation is to get the right fatty acids in the perfect balance – but that’s not as easy as it sounds. For one thing, you won’t find that perfect balance in fish oil along – it also calls for specific fatty acids found in plants to keep that ratio where it needs to be. Plus, plain old fish oil won’t do the trick… especially because so many of the fish oil supplements you’ll find on the shelf are toxic. 

The IFOs Difference Could Save Your Heart

The fish oil you’ve been taking every day for years to keep yourself healthy may be slowly killing you. Many (if not most) commercially available fish oil supplements are contaminated with low levels of heavy metals and toxic compounds known as POPs – persistent organic pollutants. In fact, off-the-shelf fish oil could contain 

  • Mercury 
  • Lead 
  • Arsenic 
  • PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) 
  • OCPs (organochlorine pesticides) 
  • PBDEs (polybrominated diphenyl esters) 

Or any other known contaminants that can damage your health, sparking runaway inflammation and other negative consequences. 

Cutting-edge research shows that people who consume fish contaminated with POPs are plagued by higher levels of inflammation and disrupted immune systems – a nasty recipe that can lead to devastating health issues, including an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. What’s more, all of the benefits of fish oil are negated by POPs, so everything it could do for heart health gets wiped out by increased oxidative stress, a key culprit in blood vessel damage. 

You can see why it’s crucial to verify that any fish oil you take is POP-free. And the only way to do that, to make sure you’re getting pure omega fatty acids, is through a groundbreaking program called IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards). Now IFOS is 100% voluntary, which is one reason virtually all fish oil suppliers ignore it. It also puts every batch of fish oil through rigorous testing, making sure that it’s  

  • free from every contaminant 
  • fresh and not rancid 
  • the exact dose of beneficial fatty acids that the label claims. 

Some of the worst damage from contaminated, rancid fish oil shows up in your cardiovascular system – your heart, veins, and arteries – the very organs you’re trying to protect. But supply your blood vessels with pristine, perfectly balanced, IFOS-certified fatty acids in VitaOmega+, and you’ll feel better than you have in decades. 

Your Arteries Need Pro-Resolution Protection

Most people think that blocked arteries are caused by high cholesterol – they’re wrong. What really spurs arterial plaque buildup is inflammation.  

Here’s how that works: Toxins (like the POPs in contaminated fish oil) sneak into your bloodstream, where they’re attacked by immune system soldiers called cytokines. As those battles rage, arterial walls take damage. So your body sends in a “patching crew” to repair the damage. That “crew” uses the most abundant free lipids (fats) it can find to plug up dents and dings in the artery wall – and since most people have excess cholesterol in their diets, it’s the easiest “patching compound” to grab. Those cholesterol “patches” form plaques (small blockages) in your arteries.  

After years – even decades – of inflammation battles, those patches get bigger – sometimes big enough to interfere with smooth circulation. And without ideal blood flow, your whole body suffers. 

But a shocking scientific breakthrough led to the discovery of “pro-resolution molecules,” special compounds that mop up the mess caused by inflammation, sweep away inflammatory waste products, and promote repair at the cellular level. And your body can build those amazing pro-resolution molecules as long as it always has a pure, fresh supply of omega fatty acids… 

Supplied by VitaOmega+. 

Enter: VitaOmega+

VitaOmega+ contains the perfect blend of pristine, IFOS-certified fish oil, borage seed oil, and flaxseed oil, so you get the precise balance of crucial Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids your body needs to keep your arteries clear… your mind sharp… and your inflammation response under control. 

Clinical-grade VitaOmega+ restores your omega ratio and your body’s ability to repair itself the right way, so every day you’ll feel vibrant, energetic, and brilliant. That daily supply of six pure fatty acids fuels every cell in your body with optimal health. 

Cutting Edge Science Hails Omega Fatty Acids

Omega fatty acids power every cell in your body and brain, and provide essential “support services” like regulating inflammation and clearing inflammatory by-products before they can damage your delicate blood vessels. Omega-3 fatty acids (the ones found in most fish oil) get the most attention… but they’re not the only kind that your body needs for optimal health. It takes the right balance of all three types – omega 3, 6, and 9 – to keep your blood flowing freely and your brain running on full power.  

Omega fatty acids strengthen and fortify cellular walls to protect the cells inside from damaging toxins and pathogens. But starved of these vital nutrients, or given them in the wrong proportion (like the harmful 20:1 omega 6 to omega 3 ratio epidemic), your body can’t properly defend against the ravages of inflammation. That’s why Dr. Sisskind insisted that VitaOmega+ contain a perfect balance of six pure IFOS-certified omega fatty acids, just what you need to feel healthy and vital every day.  

Feeling vital starts with perfect circulation, where your blood flows smoothly through relaxed blood vessels to deliver healthy, balanced omega fatty acids to every cell in your body…  

It starts with VitaOmega+. 

The Six Crucial Fatty Acids of VitaOmega+   

EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid): EPA plays a key role in keeping your heart beating in perfect rhythm. This deeply studied omega-3 fatty acid has been shown to reduce arterial plaque and lower triglyceride levels – two key factors in cardiovascular health. Those are just some of the reasons that people with higher circulating levels of EPA have a sharply reduced risk of major cardiac events. And it offers even more protection for your brain, eliminating neuroinflammation to boost your brainpower and brighten your mood.  

DHA (docosahexaenoic acid): When it comes to brain protection – memory, cognition, mood, and XX – DHA is first on the list. After all, your brain cell membranes are 40% DHA, and they can’t exist without it. Piles of research prove how valuable DHA is to brain function, like one groundbreaking study where DHA was shown to improve brain cell survival and repair by tacking inflammation and strengthening healthy brain cells to ward off memory troubles, irritability, delayed reaction times and cloudy thinking. In fact, DHA seems to help restore cognitive function by activating a special receptor called PPARγ that’s known to protect brain tissue from damaging inflammation, oxidative stress, and beta-amyloid. And when DHA teams up with EPA, their anti-inflammatory and pro-resolution powers increase dramatically. 

The EPA/DHA Dream Team: These two potent omega-3 fatty acids work wonders individually, and combining them amplifies their anti-inflammatory effects as they each tackle different proteins and pathways. Together, EPA and DHA have been the focus of more than 650 cutting edge scientific studies. Researchers celebrate their ability to resolve inflammation in the most critical body arenas –  heart, brain, lungs, and liver – to keep you in optimal, vibrant health. 

Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA): Like EPA and DHA, ALA falls in the omega-3 category and offers significant health protection, but it works differently than its teammates. Researchers are so interested in ALA that they’re running 966 clinical trials right now to see just how many health conditions it can improve. But Dr. Sisskind is running ten steps ahead – and that’s why he insisted on including this valuable fatty acid in VitaOmega+. In the brain ALA helps relax arteries, shield brain cells from injury, and boost learning and memory. This amazing omega also protects major blood vessels from accumulating calcium deposits, improves insulin sensitivity for better blood sugar management, and decreases small dense LDL cholesterol (a coronary risk indicator).  

Linoleic Acid: When it comes to omega-6 fatty acids, linoleic acid is one you want on your side. This cardiovascular superstar has been linked with superior protection – keeping blood pressure, blood sugar, reducing C-reactive protein (an inflammation marker) and cholesterol under control – leading top researchers to promote this omega 6 as a must-consume to substantially reduce cardiovascular risk factors 

Oleic Acid: This omega-9 fatty acid brings an extra dimension of heart and health protection to VitaOmega+. It protects the brain against oxidative stress (and issues like chemotherapy-related brain fog) and neuroinflammation, reduces pain-related anxiety, speeds wound healing (thanks to a proper post-injury inflammatory response), and reduces abdominal fat (especially in men). And when it comes to cardiovascular health, oleic acid has you covered by decreasing LDL cholesterol and triglycerides while increasing beneficial HDL cholesterol levels to reduce cardiac risk factors. 

Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA): GLA is an omega-6 fatty acid… but it works in a wholly unique way. Its most special power comes from counteracting an age-related issue that results in extra inflammation and transforming that into anti-inflammatory power. On top of that, GLA competes with a harmful omega-6 called arachidonic acid, neutralizing its toxic inflammatory byproducts (like COX-2) before they inflict damage. On top of that, thanks to its inflammation-moderating abilities, GLA has been found to keep blood cells from clumping (preventing “sticky blood”) and arteries from constricting, eases joint swelling and tenderness, and strengthens bone mineral density.  


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