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VitaCell - All-Natural Flavonoid Formula Resets Your Immune System

“My Mind Is More Clear And My Body Moves Easier, And Doesn’t Hurt Like It Did.”

AJ, Verified VitaCell+ Customer

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SCS VitaCell+
SCS VitaCell+
SCS VitaCell+
SCS VitaCell+
SCS VitaCell+
SCS VitaCell+
SCS VitaCell+
SCS VitaCell+
SCS VitaCell+
SCS VitaCell+
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SCS VitaCell+
SCS VitaCell+
SCS VitaCell+
SCS VitaCell+
SCS VitaCell+
SCS VitaCell+

VitaCell+ is a clinical-grade supplement for energy, clarity and mobility. Designed with ingredients have been clinically shown to support...

<p>Subscribers save 10% on every bottle.</p>

Subscribers save 10% on every bottle.

<p>100% No BS, 1 Year Guarantee</p>

100% No BS, 1 Year Guarantee

<p>Free shipping on every order!</p>

Free shipping on every order!


We Weren't Made For These Times

After two decades, of research Dr. Sisskind came to a surprising conclusion:

Many of these conditions were caused by chemicals in the very food they ate, the water they drank, the air they breathed, and the personal care products they used. What kind of chemicals?

Pesticides on fruits and vegetables. Meat and fish raised on synthetic feed, and treated with hormones. Chlorine in tap water. Aluminum in anti-perspirants. Parabens and Pthalates in the bathroom. BPA in water bottles and can liners. The list goes on, and on.

The human immune system was designed to respond to foreign invaders like bacteria, viruses and fungi... not chemicals like these. But because these chemicals weren't around when the immune system was designed, it often mistakes them for "foreign invaders"... and sends inflammatory proteins in to attack.

So while these chemicals are not always harmful in small doses, daily exposure leads to what Dr. Sisskind calls an "overactive inflammatory response" in the body and brain. That's when too many inflammatory proteins cycle through the bloodstream for too long. They get stuck in joints, organs, muscles, and even the brain... where they go into "attack mode." And the results are predictable - and exactly what Dr. Sisskind sees in his patients, and measures in their bloodwork:


Too many inflammatory proteins in the bloodstream means less energy for the things we love. It means less mental clarity, and an uneven mood. It means we get achy more easily, and don't move quite as well as we used to. It means greater susceptibility to colds, viruses and bacterial infections. According to Dr. Sisskind, it feels like being "a little bit sick, all the time," which is exactly what can be expected when the immune system is stressed.


Daily Defense For The Body & Mind


Dr. Sisskind formulated VitaCell+ to help the human body and mind thrive, in the face of inescapable toxins in the food supply and environment.

VitaCell+ contains seven, clinical-grade plant extracts called flavonoids, which exist in nature to protect their host plants from environmental stresses. Each extract has been the subject of dozens of clinical trials. And Dr. Sisskind selected each extract for the real-world results they delivered to his patients: in both their bloodwork, and their subjective experiences.

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These seven plant extracts have been shown to limit production of dangerous, inflammatory proteins. That means that the immune system gets a chance to rest, and save energy for the really bad stuff like viruses, bacteria and fungi. And when there are fewer inflammatory proteins in organs, muscles, joints and the brain, people simply feel better.

Energy is returned from an overstressed immune system. Mobility is restored, as inflammatory fires cool down in the joints and muscles. Mental clarity and an upbeat mood come springing back, as the brain stops hosting inflammatory battles. It's a huge life upgrade for anyone whose body and brain are awash with inflammatory proteins... and now, VitaCell+ is finally available to the public.

The Powerhouse Flavonoids That Give VitaCell+ Its Kick

 Flavonoids are the miraculous healing compounds found in nature’s most vital plant foods, including deep red cherries, bright golden turmeric, lush purple grapes, soothing green tea, and rich raw cocoa1. Originally discovered in 1936, we now know that flavonoids exist to protect their host plants from environmental stresses.

 And thousands of robust scientific studies2 have proven - beyond a shadow of a doubt - that flavonoids are the most powerful feel-good, mood-enhancing, energy-boosting compounds created by nature. After years of tests and experimentation, Dr. Sisskind found the seven same flavonoids kept on delivering results that his patients could feel… sometimes in three months, but often, in just a few short days. 

The Team Behind VitaCell+

Clinical-Grade Supplements For Everyday Americans


About Vitalifi

Vitalifi was created to bring the very best supplements in the world, directly to the doorsteps of the Americans who need them most. For far too long, clinical grade supplements have been reserved for those who have the time - and money – to find and pay for an Integrative Physician. And with their limited production runs, these supplements can cost an arm and a leg.

But with its partnership with Dr. Steve Sisskind, and over two decades of running Better Business Bureau A+ businesses, the Vitalifi team has done the impossible. We now present our fellow Americans with the highest quality supplements in the world, at an affordable price, for all the best days that lie ahead.

Contact us at any time. Real humans answer our phones, happy to help.

…And The Doctor Behind The Formula

About Dr. Steve Sisskind

As a young physician, I struggled. My patients came to me with serious health issues, but I didn’t feel I had the tools to help them. Medical school taught me how to put “band aids” on their symptoms with drugs and surgery, but not how to address the root causes of their problems.

It wasn’t until years later that I discovered a better approach… based on the fundamental idea that “you are what you eat.” Some foods can be incredibly healthful, while others can cause society’s most severe diseases — like diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and heart disease.

The good news is that anyone can use the power of nutrition to transform their health and vitality. But there’s a lot of confusion. What foods should I eat? Which supplements should I take? What does the science say?

I have dedicated my life to answering these questions… to discovering the best path to amazing health and vitality through nutrition. And I share this knowledge with you every day here at Vitalifi.

So, if you’re tired of feeling achy, exhausted, foggy, and blue… if it seems like you’re always coming down with whatever’s floating around… you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to Vitalifi! I’m honored that you’ve chosen us to help you feel healthier, happier, and full of life.

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The Vitalifi 365-Day Unconditional Guarantee

All Vitalifi products - including VitaCell+ - are offered with an unconditional 365-Day guarantee. If you don't experience better energy, clarity and mobility, then we insist on offering a refund. Just call us at 1-844-209-3227, or send us an email, at One of our support specialists will be happy to take care of you quickly, and professionally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does VitaCell+ have any interactions or side-effects?

The seven flavonoids in VitaCell+ are all extracted from Non-GMO, organic plants… they’re the “good stuff” that everyone can benefit from. All seven have been rigorously studied, and none have been shown to have any side effects or interaction risks.

And beyond the clinical studies, we’re proud to say that we’ve now sold over 100,000 bottles of VitaCell+, to happy customers across America. Not a single one has reported having experienced any adverse effects. Of course, as with all supplements, you should check with your doctor (and don’t be surprised if he or she is impressed!)

How Does VitaCell+ Actually Work?

If you’re suffering from low energy, brain fog, or aches and pains that won’t go away, there’s a very good chance that you’re also suffering from out-of-control inflammation. There are millions of little inflammatory wars going on in your organs, your joints, and your brain, and it’s making you feel awful. And while it’s tough to avoid the microtoxins and chemicals that start these wars, VitaCell+ can help prevent them from spreading. Its seven flavonoids shut down your body’s overactive, inflammatory response. That helps restore your natural energy levels, your mental clarity and mood, and the flexibility of youth.

Can You Explain How The Flavonoids Work?

When your body is exposed to stuff that it doesn’t recognize, it mounts an attack, with a protein called a cytokine. Think of cytokines as the policemen, who rush to the scene when there’s an attack. You want them there when the “bad guys” are really bad guys (like viruses and bacteria), but you don’t want to live in an oppressive police state, where they go after anyone that looks slightly suspicious. Yet that’s exactly what it’s like when your body’s inflammatory response is overactive. The flavonoids in VitaCell+ force an early retirement on the hyper, aggressive members of the cytokine police… and those who remain are able to do their job effectively.

How Do I Know If I Have An Overactive Inflammatory Response?

You can start by asking your Doctor to test your C-Reactive Protein and Sedimentation Rate. These are the two best tests that exist. But Dr. Sisskind has found that even when the tests come back “clean,” it doesn’t mean that a patient is out of the woods. In fact, many of Dr. Sisskind’s toughest cases manage to pass these tests with flying colors. That’s why we suggest that anyone who could be struggling with these issues give VitaCell+ a try, to see how it works for them.

How Long Will It Take To Work?

Some customers report feeling better in three or four days, others in three or four weeks. Our customers who report the best results have typically been taking it for three months. That gives VitaCell+ the time it needs to bring the inflammatory response back into balance, across the whole body, and for things to “cool down.” That’s why we offer 3-month and 6-month supplies, which are both backed up by our 365-Day guarantee – we want customers to have the chance to make VitaCell+ a daily habit, and see just how much better they feel.

What If I Don’t Feel Any Different?

We’d be surprised, but it does happen for about 6% of our customers! That’s ok though – Dr. Sisskind knows that health isn’t “one size fits all.” No matter which VitaCell+ package you purchase, you’re protected by our 365-Day guarantee. All you have to do is send us an email, or call us to ask for a refund, and we’ll process it quickly, professionally, and without a hassle.